Event Bars

We can provide a range of bars for your event  from high volume to small specialist bars and everything in between. With over 30 years of experience we can help with all aspects of your event. We can supply the bars, the equipment to run them and the staff to manage them. We’ll also help with the licensing.

Beer tents

Fast service – If your festival has large arenas with lots of customers, we can provide ‘fast-service’ cash bars with the aim to get a drink delivered into the customer’s hand as quickly as possible so they can get back to enjoying the festival. We work closely with our suppliers and promoters to make this happen.

Relaxed service - from the main action or out in the campsite at big events, things are more relaxed so we can offer a more comfortable chilled environment for your customers. In addition to a wider range of drinks the bars will have more festival decor and ambient music. With tables and chairs under cover, it gives the festival-goer a chance to relax, regroup or shelter from any wet weather.

Something special – We can supply specialist cocktail bars, bars with a fun theme, and waiter service where needed.

What you want – If you have a certain theme in mind, we will work with you to supply the exact style of bar you want for your event. We have skilled managers, enthusiastic staff and state of-the art bar technology that’ll help everything run smoothly.

Licensing - We can help with the licensing for your event. Our team includes many Personal Licence Holders who are fully experienced in the Licensing Act and we work closely with local authoriy licensing officers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Please note that we usually only cater to events and festivals that are either over 1,000 customers for restriced access or over 3,000 for open access.

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