Key events 1992 - 1994


  • WBC goes international with bars at Feile, held in Co Tipperary, the first time a licence has been granted for a large outdoor music event in Ireland.
  • This year see the start of our relationship with Denis Desmond of MCD.
  • Madness reforms and WBC provides bars at the first of several  Madstock events at Finsbury Park.


  • WBC starts business in Scotland co-promoting the first Glasgow Fleadh on Glasgow Green.
  • We also run Fleadh Mor in Tramore – a fantastic festival line-up but not enough tickets are sold and it causes major financial losses.
  • WBC run the bars at the first Phoenix Festival, a four day festival at Stratford-upon-Avon.


  • WBC organises the first of three big May Day festivals with bars on Clapham Common.
  • BWTUC celebrates its centenary and publishes Builders of the Borough.
Bring your own beer tray!

Bring your own beer tray!

Busy bars at the Fleadh

Busy bars at the Fleadh