Key events 2001 - 2003


  • WBC organises a festival in Crossakiel to mark the 150 years since the birth of Jim Connell who wrote the Red Flag. Billy Bragg headlines and Michael Eavis is one of the speakers. It was here that agreement was made to set up a Left Field stage at Glastonbury.


  • Along with Mean Fiddler Group, WBC becomes a stakeholder in Glastonbury Festival and Melvin Benn starts a period as festival director, working for MFG.


  • The Left Field stage is set up at Glastonbury. Geoff Martin, BWTUC’s organiser, programmed political debate as well as the music.
  • Tony Benn was invited and became a regular speaker inspiring large crowds.
  • Other work includes running street bars at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, one of the world’s biggest New Year celebrations.
Tony Benn at Left Field Stage              credit: Adambro

Tony Benn at Left Field Stage credit: Adambro