Press statement from Workers Beer Company re queues in Finsbury Park

Since 1986 Workers Beer Company have been at the heart of huge festivals serving millions. We have successfully sold millions of drinks to millions of people over that 33 years. Our serving staff are drawn from local grassroots organisations raising funds for their local campaigns and projects.

Here in Finsbury Park on Friday and Saturday there was unprecedented failure of up to 40% of our staff to turn up. As a consequence people had to wait an unnecessarily long time to be served. For this we unreservedly apologise to the audience.

So that it’s clear neither Liam nor Queens of the Stone Age should bear responsibility. They both delivered awesome gigs to awesome fans, that deserved better service from our bar operation.

This is also the case for Festival Republic who have no responsibility for us letting down the audience and we have already apologised to them.


Press enquiries call Steve Pryle Workers Beer Company 07921 289880.